Gill Mallett

Gill Mallett

Gill Mallett is a designer jeweller who established her business - Gillery - in 1979. Her unique pieces of jewellery use precious metals - gold, silver, platinum and palladium - and high quality gemstones.

She is a founder member of the ACJ (Association for Contemporary Jewellery) and, with her studio in Dorset, is an active member of the Wessex regional group. Gill is also a member of the BJA (British Jewellers' Association) and the GoJD (Guild of Jewellery Designers).

Inspiration & techniques

Gill enjoys experimenting with materials and techniques and is fascinated and inspired by unexpected results. She says "Surprise outcomes allow me to look at my creations from a different perspective and can lead to new and interesting contrasts, textures and juxtapositions. 'How did that happen?' resulted in my Snow Cast and Fire & Ice collections".  Snow Cast is the result of dropping molten metal into compressed (natural) snow; often precious or semi precious gemstones are added. Fire & Ice combines asymmetric shapes whose edges have been melted by heat (fire) with further pieces resulting from dropping molten metal into ice (ice); precious gemstones are then added to give accent to the piece. Each piece is an individual work of art, a contemporary classic which has the potential to achieve the status of an heirloom. Her innovative work is in private collections worldwide.

Although Snow Cast and Fire & Ice are her principal collections, Gill's continuous experimentation results in a variety of other creative concepts which often extend beyond jewellery into other silver objects. Please explore Gill's creativity and variety on her Shop pages.

You might also be interested in Gill's workshops, where she will use her considerable experience to help you create your own unique piece of jewellery.

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