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Melt your own gold workshops

If you like the spontaneous, freeform style of Gillery jewellery, and  appreciate that one of Gill’s specialities is melting metal and finding various ways of cooling it to create different effects, you may be interested to know that Gill is now offering studio sessions where you can come with your own gold (broken jewellery, old rings, etc) and, with Gill’s assistance, melt it yourself to form new, random shape(s) then, with Gill’s help, design and make a new unique piece of jewellery to treasure.

Workshops are for a maximum of two students to ensure maximum personal attention. Charges for one student (one to one) are £140.00 for a full day session and half price (£70.00) for a second student attending at the same time.  The charges include a light lunch, and run from 9.30am to around 5.00pm.  Any materials used in addition to your gold are charged extra, at the prevailing bullion rate.


I regret that workshops are unavailable at the moment.




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